The Woe of Shadow by D. Fischer – Review


I think we understand better than ever that we can’t know what the future may hold for us. Sometimes there are thing that we don’t like, things that pushes back our dreams. On the other hand, sometimes the future can have something good for us, maybe a kick in the ass to finally start to work for our dreams. For example, I really wanted to write some reviews in english because I read a lot in this language. But I was always so scarred to do it because I thought I’m not good enough. In December, D. Fisher sent me an email about her book and asking me if I can write a review on my blog. When I had read the email for the first time, I thought ” This is a sign. You must do it!”. So, I answered yes and you are now reading my first review in english about The Woe of Shadow.

 The Woe of Shadow

The Woe of Shadow by D.Ficher is the first book in a new series by this author. There is a different world which was created by Four Divine Gods: Fate, Hope, Choice and Despair. Their were neither good or bad, each of them create a realm and the people from them has special appearance, powers or rules. But in the following years, Despair has grown thirsty to rule all the realms. While Choice and Hope weren’t seen in a while, Fate try to fight for his people and their life. But thing didn’t go well.

The kingdom that Fate created long time ago is the home of Shadows People. They have two forms: one in which look exactly like normal people and their shadow form. No matter which form wear, they all have white hair. And they all love Fate and their royals. The Shadow Kingdom is ruled by Amala, a woman who just buried her parents. The crown is just to big for her, but that doesn’t stop bad times to come. Fate can’t stay much longer alive and Despair want their kingdom. All the hope stay in a person that isn’t born yet. But when Fate touch and bless her in her mother’s womb… he fell a power which is greater than the power her ancestor had. A power that can be a twin of his own.

The Woe of Shadow is a novel about a woman who can’t fit in her shoes, who prefer to stay silent and don’t want to make noises  because her husband don’t want to believe her. Is about a man who don’t want to accept the danger and to believe his wife. And it’s about a girl who has a mission: to save the world. This book speak about the power that stay silent in us because we are so afraid of having a voice. And sometimes, when harder times come, when we don’t have a chance… we start to believe in ourselves and do the things that frightened us before. But sometimes… it’s to late. And then all responsibilities, all the bad things in the world… remain to be solved by a little girl.

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